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Betha Program

Betha aims to drive the country’s education in ICT related disciplines


As part of TDRA’s efforts to provide the best services in accordance with international best practices and standards, TDRA, in cooperation with service providers, has launched "Kashif" feature, which reveals information to the call recipient about the caller ID before answering the call by displaying the name of the caller instead of the number only, even in If the recipient doesn’t have the caller’s number saved in the mobile phone.


The .aeDA is responsible for the setting and enforcement of all policies with regard to the operation of the .ae ccTLD and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) as well as overseeing the operation of the Registry System.


“Hesabati” initiative allows subscribers to know the fixed and mobile phone numbers registered under their Emirates ID number with service providers in the country.

TDRA Sectors

Regulations and Ruling

In line with its regulatory role, TDRA provides a list of regulations and rulings in the various fields of the ICT sector.

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