Modify SIM Card Point of Sale Registration

Service Description

Through this service, the applicant can modify the details of SIM Card Point of Sale registration in the UAE. 

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Service Steps
  • 1 Step 1

    Log in to the business account using UAE Pass

  • 2 Step 2

    Fill in the application form

  • 3 Step 3

    Attach all the required documents

  • 4 Step 4

    Pay the service fees, if needed

  • 5 Step 5

    TDRA will review the application

  • 6 Step 6

    Modification of data at TDRA's system, or receiving a new certificate if the modification is relevant to trade name or location (address)

Expected Time

Within one working day


If the modification is relevant to the trade name or geographical location (address), modification fees apply: AED 100 

SDGs Goal

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Target Audience


Service Channels

Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Service Conditions
Complication Level


Service Package


Service outcome

Modification of data in TDRA's system, or an updated SIM card PoS certificate, if the amendment is a trade name or geographical location

Service Remark

If the modification is applicable without the need to re-issue a new certificate, the service would be free of charge.

Service Limitation

For the commercial activity issued by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, the service can be obtained through it only.

Linkage to Other Services


Required Documents

  • Valid Trade License with SIM card selling activity
  • External and initial approvals
  • NOC from the licensee

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