Digital services

You can access the below digital services provided by TDRA through accessing the main page

Open Data

This section represents a source for all statics related to ICT in UAE

About TDRA

This page features all information about TDRA and its organizational structure, in addition to available vacancies.

Services and activities

This section will assist you in learning about TDRA various sectors and all the services and activities they provide.

Website Structure

TDRA exclusively follows the recommendations laid down by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to maintain the website structure

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Digital participation

This section features consultations, surveys, and surveys’ results published by TDRA. This section also enables you to contact the Director General’s office directly to share your feedback regarding our customer’s relations’ system

Optional services

Find here the optional services available at TDRA Customer Service Center to meet the needs of different categories of customers and improve their experience.

Media Hub

This section includes press releases, press kit, annual reports, brochures, newsletter, awareness campaigns, and brief about TDRA Social Responsibility