Our Purpose

Enabling and Regulating the telecommunications and digital government sector to drive the provision of smart, sustainable and efficient services

Who we are
TDRA Sectors

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Information and Digital Government Sector

The Information & Digital Government sector is responsible for supporting infrastructure and strategies that drive the digital transformation process of UAE government entities through the implementation of the Digital Government’s plans, in line with the UAE Digital Government Strategy.

Telecommunication Sector

The Telecommunication Sector comprises three main departments: Spectrum Management Affairs Department, Regulatory Affairs Department, and Technology Development Affairs Department.

Support Service Sector

This sector includes four departments: Finance Department, Administration Department, Human Capital Department and Corporate Communications Department. The Finance Department handles the treasury management, accounting, and financial reporting & budgeting. The Administration Department focuses on general service, internal IT support, and procurement & contracts. The Human Capital manages HR planning, employee relations, and talent management. Furthermore, Corporate Communications Department manages marketing, media & public relations and customer service.

Mission & Vision

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Developing an integrated system with a regulatory environment for the ICT sector that protects the interests of consumers, and an integrated digital infrastructure that contributes to providing proactive and preemptive government services, and enhancing the UAE’s competitiveness, sustainability and the quality of life of people


An innovative digital system to enhance the quality of life and the competitiveness of the country

Our leadership
Board, Director General and Organizational Structure

TDRA oversees the telecommunications and digital government sectors in the UAE in accordance with the Telecommunications Law issued by Federal Decree No. (3) of 2003 and its amendments, and in accordance with the Decree No. (23) issued on 27 September 2020 amending provisions of Federal Law by No. (3) of 2003 on the regulation of the telecommunication sector, and the addition of "digital government" to the functions and name of the authority. Leading TDRA’s efforts is the Board of Directors, Director General, and Deputy Directors-General for the three sectors: Telecommunication Sector, Information and Digital Government Sector, and Support Service Sector.
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Sustainability at TDRA is a Part of our culture at work, as we restlessly work on creating such a positive impact on our community
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Sustainability Report 2022

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Regulations & Ruling
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