A new episode of Log In: Fraudulent Messages

We have spoken a lot about the topic of scam messages. Dear viewers, we have discussed the topic of scam messages many times, and many entities have also addressed this subject. Unfortunately, some people are still falling for these scam messages. Of course, there are different ways of scam. It could be through SMS, phone calls, or emails. …. A lot of people fall victim to these fraudulent messages, always remember that you will not get something free. We don't say that all messages are fraudulent, some messages can be real. If you win, communication will be through official parties, and no one will ask you for a payment for the prize. We remind you if you receive any of these fraudulent messages please contact the police and report these messages and the numbers from which you received them.

DG during his participation in Africa IT and Telecom Forum

I have a first question regarding the state of digitalization in the UAE. Can you tell us a little bit how and why the UAE has chosen this digital strategy? First, the UAE is considered as young country. We started 45 years ago until now. We always make sure that there is enablement for all services. Our strategy always to achieve our customer and citizen happiness as a national goal. Providing this kind of services, the government services, make our government more efficient. We are ranked as number one government efficiency in the World Economic Forum Report, we are always looking for having this kind of journey. We have started in 1999 when we announced Dubai Internet city. In 2000, we started the first e-payment solution, the e-Dirham. In 2001, we started the first e-Government in the region, Dubai e-Government. In May 2013, we started the Mobile Government, where we transferred to mobile services. So our aim always to provide all the services through all channels to make sure that the government can reach the customer in an easy way. African and Middle East countries have almost the same challenges. We have challenges related to the cybersecurity, the OTTs, the new technologies and we have challenges how to manipulate data, how we can be proactive and be a more effective government using the data and be more centric. We are here to exchange views and experiences. We need to learn from them. We need to see the insight of Africa, and show insights of UAE and Arab region in general. I think this kind of cooperation will help both nations to improve and to provide best services and we believe there is big chance and room for this kind of cooperation, for the future also. First, always looking to the user experience (UX) and make sure that the government can serve and provide services as the private sector. This is one of the biggest challenges for all governments. Number two is the integration between the government itself. The system is always upgraded. Make sure that the system is always connected. System re-engineering in general. So the system between time to time, you need to re-engineer the services. Make sure that the services match the customer expectation. There is a huge number of youth in our countries. The services in the private sector are improved, so government services should be improved in the same time.

How to activate parental control on ISO devices

Dear followers, The Screen Time will allow you to use several features to control your children's devices and get a detailed report of how your children screen time. Go to settings Then go to screen time Enable the feature then press continue Select the second option “this is my child iPhone” In Downtime feature you can set the start and end of use time Select the App limits And select Add limits You can choose a package of programs that you want to manage its daily time limits for one or two hours daily. Lastly, go back to the menu, and select content privacy and restrictions Create Parent Passcode In this feature in general, you can block inappropriate content and allow the download of age appropriate apps. Example: select content restrictions, then select Apps and choose the suitable age category for your children.

Log In: at Eid

In this episode we want to wish you Eid Mubarak and advise you to avoid electronic devices and enjoy your time.

Log In: Secure Use of your device

Welcome to a new episode from Log In In this episode, we will discuss several topics related to ensuring security of our device and how to use it in a safe manner. As you know, the device has become our most valuable possession nowadays. It contains all of our programs such as banking and social media programs, as well as other programs that we use in our free time like movies and series. Of course, all of these programs require a user name and password. Focus on the password. The password must contain four main points: letters, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. If you use them in your password, your password is rather strong. Also, you should use the features in the phone such as thumbprint, face fingerprint and the 8 or 6 digits code you receive. This way your device and the software will be safe. Avoid 4 things when you come up with your password: don't use your name, last name, surname, and date of birth. Avoid things known about you because they are easy to guess. Log out See you soon

New episode of Log In: Addiction!

Dear audience, may God protect yours and our children. Welcome to a new episode of “Log in” Three scenes may be repeated in every house. It starts with your preoccupation from them, followed by their contact with strangers. The result may be addiction. Real situations that some families have experienced, leading to the children drug addiction.

Steps to report phantom accounts on Instagram

In case of suspected fake accounts on Instagram Follow these steps First, go to the fake account Go to the menu Select the second option (Report) Then select the second option (It’s inappropriate) In the first question, choose the second option, which indicates that this account violates Instagram policies. In the second question, select (Report account) In the third question, select the fourth option that this profile is pretending to be someone else In the last question press the third option, which indicates that this account is pretending to be a celebrity or a public figure. If the celebrity or the public figure has an official account, select it, or skip this step.

The first episode of Log In: (Phishing messages) - Information Security

Welcome to the first episode from Log In. We use the term “log in” when we want to access social media accounts or programs or websites. Our subject today is related to scam messages that we receive through Whatsapp. You receive a message on whatsapp including information about a certain bank and informing you that your Card has been canceled. The same message will inform you to activate the card through contacting a certain number or clicking a link in the same message. Do you expect a bank to contact you through whatsapp? There are several contact ways such as email or SMS that you will receive from the bank name and not from a random mobile number. If we read the message carefully, we will find spelling and grammar mistakes as the person writing these messages does not know Arabic or not an Arabic speaker. If you receive a scam message through social media, specially whatsapp, make sure to inform police or security to avoid becoming a victim of these messages.

The fourth episode of the Log in : hacking the whatsapp

Our topic today is related to whatsapp. Firstly, for the people whose accounts have not been compromised, you should activate the 2-step verification to avoid being a victim of hacking, To secure the whatsapp account from hacking, activate the 2-step verification Select settings Then choose account Click 2-step verification Activate the feature by clicking enable Choose your 6-digit ID and retype to confirm Enter your email address to be used later to reset your verification number if you forget it This way your account has been successfully enabled. The second point we will address, if your account is compromised, what steps you should take to restore your account and avoid legal accountability. If your account is compromised, follow these steps: First, report to police to avoid legal accountability, Second, send an email to support@whatsapp.com and mention stolen or missing in the content. Also explain in a simple way how the hacking has happened and send it to whatsapp. Hopefully, this way you will get back your account. The second point that you must pay attention to, the hacker will try to contact all your contact list, so it is better that you contact them all through SMS and explain the situation in a simple manner. Another attempt to save the situation is to delete the whatsapp application and re-install it, and then activate your account.

The second episode of Log In: Video-games

In today's episode, we look at online games and concerns about electronic games in general. Some people support while some are against electronic games. Why? The seriousness of electronic games lies in communicating with strangers. Communicating with strangers, especially in the case of age differences, is dangerous in this type of communication. We advise that parents follow up with their children to make sure that they communicate with trusted people such as their brothers, cousins or close friends. Our second advice for parents is to activate parental control in their devices and make sure that the games played by their children are appropriate for their ages.

TRA Summer Camp 2019

Tell me, what are you up to in the summer vacation? No, no, my vacation is different, I will be an important entrepreneur, I will plan big projects, and I will make my own robot. I will get off now because I have arrived at TRA Innovation Camp. We love TRA!

Youth Debates: The electronic games are on the youth discussion table at TRA

We are proudly following you in this debate that reflects and enhances the culture of dialogue and confronting the argument with argument, with your direct participation in proposing the issues for constructive discussion, assuring that the future of our country is in good hands.