TDRA is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the Telecommunications Sector in the UAE. TDRA regulates the sector according to its mandate: the Telecommunications Law – Federal Law by Decree No. (3) of 2003 Regarding the Organization of Telecommunications and its amendments and according to State Policy.

Through TDRA´s Regulatory Framework we aim to create - where appropriate and needed - a set of regulatory instruments that will enable the UAE in reaching its objectives. (The objectives of TDRA include: ensuring adequacy and enhancement of Telecom and ICT services throughout the UAE; establishing and implementing a regulatory framework; and promoting the UAE as a regional ICT hub)

Our responsibility/functions covers various areas of regulation, such as; consumer protection, allocation of scarce resources (spectrum and numbers), interconnection of licensee´s networks which will ensure that you can reach any subscriber to a number regardless of where they are and whom they are getting their services from, ensure the use of approved telecommunications devices, licensing and competition safeguard that acts as regulation of a market that is not competitive on its own.

When regulating the Telecommunications sector, TDRA carefully analyses the need for regulation. In an otherwise functional market, very little regulation is necessary to ensure appropriate consumer rights and fair competition as most markets will ensure such factors via a natural selection of the best/most competitive services/products. However, due to the nature of the telecommunication market; the unusually high cost of establishing the required infrastructure and the appropriate allocation of scarce resources the market forces doesn´t work on its own. Therefore there is a need to regulate the Telecommunications Sector in order to ensure the supply, the prices, quality of service and consumer rights.

When TDRA - with the corporation of the industry - identifies areas that need to be regulated in order to correct a competitive imbalance TDRA will consult with the relevant stakeholders, take their point of views into consideration when finalizing a regulatory instrument. Further to maintaining close dialog with the industry TDRA will investigating the need for regulation investigate best practices in other jurisdictions. TDRA will only regulate where appropriate and will where market forces are sufficient de-regulate and let the market regulate itself.


International Telecommunications Cable Regulations
International Telecommunications Cable Regulations Annex A
International Telecommunications Cable Regulations Annex B
Resolution No. 11 of 2022 on International Telecom Cables (Arabic)
Consumer Protection Regulations Version 2.0
People of determination accessibility to telecommunication services in the United Arab Emirates 1-2014 - Arabic
Code of Practice
Common Definitions Policy
Complaints Handling Policy
UAE Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Domain Name Eligibility Policy
Domain Name Password Policy
Domain Name Renewal, Expiry & Deletion Policy
Domain Name Transfer – Change of Registrant
Domain Name Transfer – Change of Registrar
Registrant Warranties Policy
Reserved Names Policy
WhoIs Data Collection and Display Policy
Zone File & Registry Database Access Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Privacy Policy .ae Domain
Annex (4) of the Regulatory Policy on Mobile Subscriber Registration Requirements "Registration of Mobile SIM Card Points of Sale (PoS)"
Determination No (1) 2012
Ex-Ante Competition Safeguards Regulatory Policy
Ex Ante Comp Safeguards - v1 1 -Update 30 Sep 2010 -final
Ex Post Comp Safeguards - V1 1-Update 30 Sep 2010-final
Market Review Guidelines - FINAL - PRC Approved (V1 0) 30092010
Reg Policy Comp Safeguards -V1 1-Update 30 Sep 2010 - final
Instructions Cost Accounting, Accounting Separation and LRIC Modelling
INMARSAT communications company
Decision National Roaming
Decision Termination of Inbound International Traffic
Dispute Resolution Procedures
Instruction Compliance with Licence Obligation
Instruction Compliance with Licence Obligations
Instruction Interconnection
Instruction Mobile Site Sharing
Interim Decision National Roaming Western Region
Interim Decision Termination of Inbound International Traffic
Policy Carrier Selection and Carrier Pre-Selection
Policy Directory Database Interconnection Service
Policy National Roaming Services
Regulatory Policy Directory Information
Regulatory Policy Interconnection Pricing
Internet Access Management - Regulatory Policy
Regulatory Policy - Internet of Things (IoT)
Regulatory Procedure - Internet of Things (IoT)
Access public lands for the purpose of building network booster sites - in Arabic
Access to private lands
Licensing Regulation
Alyah Advanced Satellite Communications Services License
Al Yah Satellite Communications Company Licence
Licensing Fees
Licence -Broadcast Satellite Transmission - Al Maisan
Licence - Broadcast Satellite Transmission - Intaj
Licence -GMPC- Thuraya
Licence -Public Access Mobile Radio- Nedaa
Licence -Public Telecom- du (2-2006)
Licence -Public Telecom- Etisalat
Licence -Satellite and Broadcast satellite services- Star Satellite Communications
Licenses Template -GMPC
Licenses Template -Public Access Mobile Radio
licenses Templates -Broadcast Satellite Services
licenses Templates -Satellite Services
Instructions to combat stealing of mobile phones (Arabic)
Registration Requirements for Mobile Consumers Policy
National Numbering Plan Version 5.7
Number Portability
Policy Dispute Resolution
Price Control Regulatory Policy and Procedure
Quality of Service (QoS) V2.0
Consultation Procedure
Dual Connectivity V1.0
Regulatory Instrument Designations
Cellular phone spam SMS regulatory policy
TDRA Regulations for Ultra Wide Band and Short Range Devices 5.0
TDRA Regulations for Services Ancillary to Broadcast Production, Program Making & Special Events (PMSE) 3.0
TDRA Regulations for Spectrum Monitoring, Interference Management and Enforcement v1.0
TDRA Regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Radio Systems 2.0
TDRA Guidelines on Exposure Limits for Non-Ionizing Radiation (100 kHz to 300 GHz)
TDRA Regulations for Permissible Non-Ionizing Radiation Limits
Aeronautical Radio Service Regulations
Amateur Radio Regulations v3.0
Cellular Systems Coverage Measurements Regulations
Earth Stations Regulations V4.0
Fixed Radio Service Regulations
Free Space Optics Regulations
Frequency Spectrum Fees Regulations 4.0
Guideline for Coordination of Satellite Network V2.0
Maritime Radio Systems Regulations 3.0
Mobile Communications OBV Regulations
National Frequency Allocation Chart 2020
Private Mobile Radio (PMR) Regulations
Radiocommunications Policy 2.0
Space Services Policy V1.0
Spectrum Allocation and Assignment Regulations 2.0
UAE National Frequency Plan 2020
UAE Spectrum Outlook 2020-2025 v1.0
Policy - Telecommunications Equipment Type Approval Regime
Regulation - Telecommunications Equipment Type Approval Regime V3.0
Type Approval Service Fees V4.0
SIM Cards point of sale registration policy
UAE Information Assurance Regulation
Voice over internet protocol Regulatory policy
Response to PFR - Case IT- final version 11 March 08
Decision National Roaming case Number : NR/D/19Mar08
DECISION Termination of Inbound International Traffic Case Number: IT/D/22Apr06/02
Interim Decision | National Roaming - Westren Region
Response to PFR Etisalat
Termination Of Inbound International Traffic Case IT/D/22Apr06/02
Determination No (1) of 2011 Relevant Markets for Telecommunication Services and Related Products in the UAE
Determination No (2) 2012 Etisalat’s Regulated Weighted Average Cost of Capital
DETERMINATION NO (2) OF 2011 Carrier Pre-Selection Charges
REDACTED- VD (1) OF 2009- Non-Compliance with Directive No (3) of 2008
VD NO. 2 OF 2008 - Price Changes-FINAL2(REDACTED)

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