Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness: TDRA has given customer happiness top priority, and applies best practices in this field, in line with its commitment to the vision and guidance of the wise leadership in making happiness a lifestyle in the UAE and the ultimate objective of government action. It also reflects TDRA’s commitment to the Customer Happiness Charter, which stipulates the provision of quick, easy and smart services.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security: As we steadily move towards shaping a digital future that promotes community happiness, we take into account the side effects of digital technologies, especially cyber risks affecting infrastructures and information security. In this context, TDRA strives to improve practices of information security and protection of the IT infrastructure in the UAE against risks and violations to ensure a safer cyber space in UAE.


mGov: TDRA is responsible for enabling federal digital transformation through supporting infrastructure and strategies and enhancing competencies that drive digital transformation to reach an integrated digital government that provides world-class, seamless and fast digital services anytime and anywhere. It develops and implements a comprehensive national roadmap in line with the government strategy, to achieve relevant national indicators and provide the suitable environment to reach number 1 globally in digital services.


Telecom: TDRA has a vital role in regulating the UAE telecom sector derived from the UAE Telecommunication law and its Executive Regulation. TDRA’s objectives of in this context include: ensuring adequate provision of telecommunications services in the UAE; developing services in terms of quality and variety; ensuring quality of services by adherence to terms of licenses by licensees; encouraging ICT services in the UAE; promoting and enhancing the ICT sector, and others.

Response to COVID-19

In response to the global pandemic of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), the UAE Government has been keen to issue a set of decisions that contribute to ensuring the safety of citizens, residents and visitors on the UAE territory. In the context of its role in supporting the government's precautionary efforts in the current circumstances, TDRA launched several initiatives to enhance the ICT sector

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