Betha Program

Betha aims to drive the country’s education in ICT related disciplines

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As part of TDRA’s efforts to provide the best services in accordance with international best practices and standards, TDRA, in cooperation with service providers, has launched "Kashif" feature, which reveals information to the call recipient about the caller ID before answering the call by displaying the name of the caller instead of the number only, even in If the recipient doesn’t have the caller’s number saved in the mobile phone.

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The .aeDA is responsible for the setting and enforcement of all policies with regard to the operation of the .ae ccTLD and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) as well as overseeing the operation of the Registry System.

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“Hesabati” initiative allows subscribers to know the fixed and mobile phone numbers registered under their Emirates ID number with service providers in the country.

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Computer Emergency Response Team

aeCERT was established to improve practices of information security, and protect the ICT infrastructure in the UAE.

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ICT Fund

The first of its kind in the Arab world, the ICT Fund aims to jump start innovation within the ICT sector in the UAE.

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Esaad Initiative has been launched for the purpose of achieving leadership in ICT sector.

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IMT-2020, also known as the 5G is the next technological revolution in mobile broadband

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Centre of Digital Innovation (CoDI)

CoDI does various capacity building, research and development activities.

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Go Digital

Backed by the Emirates Strategy for Government Service, the Go Digital initiative aims to reduce government service centers and convert them into digital platforms.

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Federal Network (FedNet)

FEDnet is a TDRA initiative that aims to provide a technical infrastructure that enhances and improves the customer experience within the digital government sector.

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TDRA Innovation Camp

The TDRA Innovation Camp aims at introducing the youth to the important future technologies, exploration, future shaping, and self-development skills, in line with the UAE’s strategy in the ICT field.

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The UAE Hackathon

As part of its social responsibility and within its role to develop smart government at the federal level in the UAE, TDRA has launched the UAE Hackathon ‘Data for Happiness and Well-being’.

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International Affairs

The representation of the UAE in the regional and International forums in the required manner to enhance the UAE International position

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National Cybersecurity Strategy

To create a safe and resilient cyber infrastructure in the UAE that enables citizens to fulfil their aspirations and empowers businesses to thrive.

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Digital Services Marketplace

mGovernment Digital Marketplace offers a unique platform in the UAE with cloud services offered to the government and enterprises.

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Service Coverage Interactive Maps

The maps are published by service providers, as per TDRA’s instructions, to display telecom services availability in the UAE.

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