As part of TDRA’s efforts to provide the best services in accordance with international best practices and standards, TDRA, in cooperation with service providers, has launched "Kashif" feature, which reveals information to the call recipient about the caller ID before answering the call by displaying the name of the caller instead of the number only, even in If the recipient doesn’t have the caller’s number saved in the mobile phone.

The initiatives objectives

  • The call recipient is informed about the caller ID
  • It allows the recipients to decide whether they would like to answer the call.
  • Reassurance when receiving the call and speaking with the caller
  • Minimizing problems caused by anonymous calls

Initiative development phases

Phase 1

  • Reviewing best international practices and standards
  • Holding closed consultations with service providers about the initiative
  • TDRA issues the necessary regulatory tools to activate the feature in cooperation with service providers

Phase 2

  • Implementing the necessary modifications to the service providers' networks to activate the feature
  • Conducting technical checks on mobile phones, in coordination with manufacturers, to ensure readiness
  • Launching the pilot phase on the banking sector in the UAE
  • The official launch of the initiative by circulating it to all private companies and institutions in the UAE 

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