As part of TDRA’s efforts to protect your interests as subscribers to telecommunications services and to promote a fair regulatory environment for the ICT sector in the UAE to enhance competitiveness and sustainability, TDRA launched “Hesabati” initiative, which allows subscribers to know the fixed and mobile phone numbers registered under their Emirates ID number with service providers in the country.

Click here to use “Hesabati” initiative.

Initiative goals:

  • Improving customer service in the telecommunications sector by providing greater transparency and clearer information to users regarding all their accounts, preventing misuse of the subscriber's identity and ensuring that no SIM is registered under the user’s ID without his/her knowledge.
  • Detecting any numbers registered under the subscriber’s name without his/her knowledge.
  • Protecting the interests of telecom services consumers in the UAE from misuse of numbers.
  • Reducing complaints and disputes of telecom services consumers in relation to fraud and misuse of numbers.
  • Raising the happiness of consumers of telecom services in the UAE.
  • Excellence and leadership by offering a service that is not available in most countries.


Steps for benefiting from the initiative:

  •  Step 1: log in to TDRA website using UAE Pass
  •  Step 2: Choose “Hesabati” from the menu
  •  Step 3: See a list of all your active mobile and fixed phone numbers registered with UAE service providers


  • This initiative is free of charge
  • This initiative is available to Emirates ID holders only
  • Phone numbers must be active to show on your list

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