Electronic Invoicing System

Service Description

The electronic invoicing system allows the contracted suppliers to submit invoices electronically and follow-up financial dues, purchase orders, contracts, and awarding notifications via electronic alerts.

Service Steps
  • 1 STEP 1

    Click Start Service and log in

  • 2 STEP 2

    Press Iportal Full Access

  • 3 STEP 3

    Create the invoice via the system

  • 4 STEP 4

    Follow the steps owl-carousel service-procedures to submit and send your invoices

Expected Time

30 days


Free of charge

Target Audience

All registered suppliers and customers in the public and private sector

Service Channels

Not available

Service Conditions


Required Documents

  • Copy of the invoice stamped with the company's stamp
  • Copy of the work completion certificate / certificate of delivery approved by TDRA
  • Copy of purchase order / contract

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