Electronic Invoicing System

About Service

The electronic invoicing system allows the contracted suppliers to submit invoices electronically and follow-up financial dues, purchase orders, contracts, and awarding notifications via electronic alerts.

Service Steps
  • 1 STEP 1

    Click Start Service and log in

  • 2 STEP 2

    Press Iportal Full Access

  • 3 STEP 3

    Create the invoice via the system

  • 4 STEP 4

    Follow the steps owl-carousel service-procedures to submit and send your invoices

Expected Time

30 days


Free of charge


Not available

Terms And Conditions


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Required Documents

  • Copy of the invoice stamped with the company's stamp
  • Copy of the work completion certificate / certificate of delivery approved by TDRA
  • Copy of purchase order / contract

Payment Channels

Not available

Last updated :

19/01/2023 21:44