Renew SIM Card Point of Sale Registration

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Renewal of Registration of SIM cards points of sale in the UAE

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Service Steps
Expected Time

Within one working day


The registrant may submit an application for renewing the registration certificate 15 working days before the expiration date or within 15 working days from the expiration date of the registration certificate. In accordance with the applicable fees in this policy, the renewal fee is "AED 500" to be paid in advance and not refundable when submitting the renewal application, in addition to AED 2000 the registration certificate fees. In the event of a late renewal, an amount of "AED 100" is added as a fine for each month of delay, calculated starting from the date of the expiration of the registration certificate.


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Terms And Conditions

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Required Documents

  1. Valid Trade License with telecommunication activity
  2. External and initial approvals
  3. Power of attorney letter from the company and ID copy of the authorized person

Payment Channels
  • E-Payment
  • E-Dirham

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02/06/2022 16:55