Modification of Telecommunications Equipment Type Approval

Service Description

Modification of the of the type approval certificate data, if the modifications are as described in the "Service Conditions" field.

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Service Steps
Expected Time

One working day


Application Review: 100 AED

Target Audience


Service Channels

TDRA Website

Service Conditions

•         The registered manufacturer or importer of telecom equipment may continue to sell modified telecommunications equipment if the modifications are minor without the need to notify TDRA of the changes. Minor modifications must not affect essential requirements, technical standards, or the external look of the equipment.

•         The registered manufacturer or importer of telecom equipment must notify TDRA of any modifications, which would:

-          Affect equipment conformity with the essential requirements or technical standards.

-          Change equipment size and shape.

-          Change equipment model number or brand name.

•         The registered manufacturer or importer of telecom equipment must submit a new Type Approval request in the case of any modification that may affect the equipment's conformity with the Type Approval essential requirements or approved technical standards.

Complication Level

Express Service

Service Package


Service outcome

Modified type approval certificate

Service Remark


Service Limitation

- This service is relevant to companies and manufacturers registered as telecom supplier only - Active Telecom Equipment Registration Certificate

Linkage to Other Services

Equipment Registration

Required Documents

Device pictures in case of changes in device external look.

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