TDRA Hosts I-CODI Global Workshop and First Meeting of I-CODI’s Innovation Acceleration Centers


In Partnership with the ITU

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) hosted the first meeting of the global network of acceleration centers associated with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on Monday, March 4, 2024. The aim is to foster and disseminate a culture of innovation, with the overarching goal of contributing to the development of the governments and societies represented by these centers.

The ITU initiated the establishment of a global network for these centers, following the UAE's initiative to create the International Center of Digital Innovation (I-CoDI) in 2020. This initiative, developed in collaboration between TDRA and the ITU, aims to create an enabling platform that unites partners and policymakers to enhance communication and accelerate digital transformation by applying innovative concepts and leveraging advanced technologies.



Eng. Majid Al Madhloum, Senior Manager of Digital Capabilities Building and Awareness Section at TDRA, delivered the opening speech at the event. He emphasized the significance of innovation in the contemporary era, underscoring its relevance not only in government operations but also in diverse facets of life. Al Madhloum referred to the UAE experience in this field, saying: “Over the last two decades, there has been a transformative evolution across all sectors during what the UAE terms the "enablement stage." During this period, the younger generation has been wholeheartedly supported and encouraged to unleash their creative energies, implementing modern ideas that have significantly contributed to noteworthy accomplishments. These achievements, evident in every direction today, set the stage for a new era beginning in 2022, following the UAE's celebration of its golden jubilee. This new phase, inaugurated as the era of "future shaping," aligns with remarkable advancements in technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and digital technologies. These advancements position us at the core of significant transformations outlined in the "We the UAE 2031" vision. The vision, characterized by its slogan "Towards New Peaks," underscores pillars that prioritize international cooperation as a crucial key to achieving prosperity for all of humanity.”


Al Madhloum added: “Aligned with this ongoing trend, TDRA took the initiative by collaborating with the ITU to establish I-CoDI. This marks an additional milestone in the extended collaboration between TDRA and the ITU, aimed at serving countries and societies worldwide. Today, we take pride in the widespread enthusiasm for innovation across nations, manifested in the form of a global network of innovation acceleration centers. This network is poised to exert a robust influence, facilitating the widespread dissemination and consolidation of the culture of innovation to achieve transformative changes within the ICT sector, both domestically and globally.”


Addressing the event, Dr Cosmas Zavazava, Director of Telecommunication Development Bureau at ITU, emphasized the significance of developing competencies and fostering a culture of innovation within institutions. He underscored the importance of training, highlighting the workshops scheduled for implementation during the event, conducted within the framework of I-CoDI, a collaborative effort between TDRA and the ITU.


After that, Mohamed Ba Senior Coordinator of Digital Innovation Ecosystem at ITU, addressed the audience, highlighting the necessity of embracing a more adaptable approach in managing organizational structures and administrative methods to effectively respond to ongoing developments. He underscored the significance of forging partnerships and alliances, emphasizing the value of exchanging expertise and drawing upon successful experiences to foster increased innovation and cultivate a sustainable, advanced culture of innovation. Mr. Ba also emphasized the importance of collaborative meetings and consultations among academic, governmental, and specialized institutions, citing the partnership between the ITU and TDRA as a noteworthy example in this regard.


The event's agenda included many topics focusing on areas of enhancing competencies in the era of major digital transformations. The sessions delved into key themes such as strategic foresight, competency building, planning, harnessing available digital tools, and design. Moreover, the agenda underscored the crucial role of creative thinking and leveraging technology to propel qualitative advancements. It emphasized the creation of value through the collaborative exchange of ideas and interactions between innovative minds.


The event is scheduled to unfold over a span of five days, featuring a range of field activities and engagements, including visiting TDRA and the Museum of the Future. Additionally, the agenda includes hands-on training workshops designed to delve into the intricacies of planning and executing innovation processes, fostering competency development in this dynamic field.

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