TDRA Celebrates World Telecommunication and Information Society Day


Under the slogan "Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development"

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), celebrated World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD) 2024 on May 17, with the participation of UAE telecom service providers, Huawei, and various government entities, along with other local and regional partners.

The celebration was held virtually under the slogan "Digital Innovation for Sustainable Development" to raise awareness of the pivotal role digital innovation plays in addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, such as combating climate change and eradicating hunger and poverty. During the event, global efforts to advance digital transformation were highlighted, emphasizing the potential of the Internet and other information and communication technologies to benefit societies and economies worldwide.

H.E. Eng. Mohammed Al Ramsi, TDRA Director General for the Telecommunications Sector, delivered the opening speech expressing gratitude to the partners for their participation in celebrating WTISD. He said: “Digital innovation has emerged as a key driver for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development. It has opened new horizons for development, introduced modern technologies, and created new opportunities, expanding the potential for societies to actively participate in the development process. Furthermore, digital innovation has enhanced access to health and education services, created job opportunities, and promoted transparency, contributing to a sustainable economy for all.”

He added: “The UAE demonstrates its strong commitment to digital innovation as a key driver for sustainable development and societal advancement towards a more prosperous and sustainable future. The country places significant emphasis on the development of sustainable energy and environmental protection, leveraging digital technology to enhance resource efficiency and promote environmental sustainability. The UAE adopts comprehensive strategies to foster digital innovation across various sectors, including education, health, infrastructure, smart government, and the private sector. These strategies encompass the provision of advanced technological infrastructure, the encouragement of entrepreneurship and innovation, and the continuous training and development of human resources.”

During the ceremony, TDRA and the participants discussed various topics, including the country's efforts to accelerate and enhance digital transformation by leveraging digital innovation to benefit humanity. The event featured presentations by experts from Etisalat, du, and Huawei, who explored how advanced 5G and digital innovation can expand opportunities and align capabilities with sustainable development goals. Additionally, students from the Seeds for the Future program, supported by the ICT Fund and Huawei, showcased their innovative initiatives in the fields of medicine and the environment. These presentations reflected the Program's objectives to broaden the students' innovative thinking, prepare them for the digital transformation era, and enhance their skills to meet the demands of the modern-day.

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