TDRA Achieves ISO 22329:2021 Certification from BSI for the Use of Social Media in Emergencies


The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has achieved the ISO certification for the Use of Social Media in Emergencies. This certification, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), acknowledges TDRA's adherence to a comprehensive set of standards. These standards evaluate an organization's agility, security, and business continuity, all supported by an effective and impactful communication strategy across various social media platforms.


This standard offers extensive guidelines for organizations to follow on social media before, during, and after emergencies. It helps ensure the provision of essential services during crises, maintain open communication channels with customers and stakeholders, and support business continuity under all circumstances.


H.E. Mohammad Al Kitbi, TDRA Deputy Director General for Support Services, highlighted the importance of this achievement. He said: “We live in an era of rapid and continuous change, where quickly reaching customers and the broader community is essential under all circumstances. This highlights the importance of social media channels as a means of interaction during exceptional situations. At TDRA, we have implemented a comprehensive digital communication strategy that identifies audience segments, the channels each group uses, and the appropriate messages for them. This strategy aligns with TDRA’s goals and "We the UAE 2031" vision, reflecting our role as a regulator and enabler of telecommunications and digital transformation in the UAE.


TDRA oversees a comprehensive system of social media accounts, both at TDRA level and for the digital government. As part of its responsibilities, TDRA manages and develops the UAE government's unified digital portal ( and its associated social media accounts, along with various institutional accounts.


TDRA uses its social media accounts to raise awareness, engage with the public, and manage various types of crises effectively. This includes addressing media crises that may arise from misinformation or widespread fears related to specific situations.


In 2023, TDRA handled 17 media crises through its social media accounts. By effectively utilizing these accounts, TDRA successfully boosted public confidence, as reflected in field surveys: community trust in TDRA rose to 93%, and awareness of TDRA's name increased from 57% in 2022 to 99% in 2023. This achievement is attributed to a comprehensive and integrated digital communication strategy, encompassing various initiatives and projects that strengthened TDRA's presence and enhanced its strategic position within government operations.

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