TDRA Hosts the Annual Partners Gathering 2023


Confirming enhanced cooperation in the next stage

UAE – 16 May 2023


The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) held its Annual Partners Gathering in Abu Dhabi, where it hosted and honored its strategic partners in the public and private sectors. The gathering included various activities, including a presentation of the pillars of "We the UAE 2031" Vision, highlighting areas related to the role and mission of TDRA in regulating the telecommunications sector and enabling digital transformation.


H.E. Eng. Majed Sultan Al Mesmar, TDRA Director General, delivered the opening speech at the event, in which he highlighted the partners’ efforts and support for TDRA and expressed his gratitude and appreciation, stressing the need to enhance cooperation and concerted efforts during the next stage, including the acceleration of technological development and digital transformation.

He said: “Collaboration between government entities on the one hand, and between the government and the private sector on the other, is a key element in achieving the major strategic goals, and today it is more crucial than ever, due to the urgent need to combine companies' ability to innovate, work in agile and dynamic manner, constantly aspire towards growth and expansion, and the government's need to develop policies and regulations, provide advanced digital services.”


H.E. Al Mesmar added: “If a vision is a promise and a dream, then achieving it requires perseverance, commitment and concerted efforts. Today, as we reaffirm that our successes on every level would not have been achieved without your support as strategic partners, we affirm our confidence that this partnership will continue to achieve the goals of "We the UAE 2031" Vision, which includes the government, society and the economy.”


H.E. Al Mesmar stressed that "We the UAE 2031" Vision will serve as a compass for government entities and TDRA’s partners during the next stage, with the aim of achieving the most pioneering system as well as cooperation in enhancing government performance, focusing on providing the best government services in the world and developing the best agile work models in order to achieve results and efficiency .

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