TDRA Calls on the Public to Report Lost or Stolen Mobile Devices


UAE,  18 November 2023


The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) urged the public to notify UAE telecom service providers in case of loss or theft of their mobile devices, especially considering the growing significance of these devices in daily life.


TDRA seeks to raise awareness regarding the followed procedures for reporting the loss or theft of a mobile phone. UAE telecom service providers offer various channels through which the public can communicate to report such incidents, including customer service call centers, live chat services on websites and other channels affiliated with the operators. The UAE stands as a pioneer among countries in the region in developing the requisite systems and procedures for addressing such matters.


Once the incident is reported, the identity of the person submitting the report is verified, and the details and specifications of the lost/stolen device are confirmed, the service provider communicates all terms and conditions related to the blocking process to the customer. Upon receiving the customer's approval, the service provider adds the device's International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) to the blacklisted devices database. Within a 24-hour timeframe from receiving the report, the service provider will initiate the block on this device, preventing its connection to any wireless network in the UAE, which is the same period that the service provider will need to unblock the missing device if the device is found and recovered.


TDRA also emphasizes the significance of individuals employing all available protective measures to safeguard their mobile devices in case of loss or theft. These measures include setting a password, activating two-step verification, enabling the fingerprint or facial recognition feature, and activating the device-tracking feature.


Commenting on this topic, Eng. Saif Bin Ghelaita, Director of Technology Development Affairs at TDRA, said: “By implementing the procedures for reporting the loss or theft of mobile phones, TDRA seeks to raise awareness on how to respond in such situations. This effort contributes to enhance the security and well-being of the Emirati community, an aspect of paramount importance to the UAE Government and its wise leadership.”


Bin Ghelaita added: “The surge in electronic services, both in government and the private sector, has led the majority of users to depend primarily on mobile phones for a wide array of transactions. These transactions encompass governmental processes, financial payments, and service applications. Consequently, there was a need to introduce more services and implement additional measures, ensuring the safeguarding of customers' security and privacy.”


TDRA urges the public to provide precise information concerning personal identity, the time and location of the loss or theft incident, and the specifications of the device. Subscribers are urged to adhere to the service provider recommendations regarding coordination with the relevant authorities. TDRA highlights that the procedures for reporting the loss or theft of mobile phone devices to the service providers are precautionary measures. Customers are also advised to liaise with the competent security authorities.


These measures fall within TDRA’s efforts in regulating the telecommunications sector in the UAE, aiming to streamline the subscribers’ experience, and enhance customer happiness in relation to telecommunications services.

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