TDRA and WSIS Forum Organize an International Virtual Hackathon


UAE – 4 December 2021


The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) organized a virtual international hackathon, in cooperation with the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum. The hackathon is part of TDRA’s efforts to achieve sustainable development goals using ICT, and it aims to find innovative solutions to challenges in three areas; digital security, use of blockchain to improve wellbeing, and climate change.


This hackathon is in line with TDRA’s efforts to serve the community and its responsibility to drive digital technology, achieve digital transformation at the national level and exchange knowledge on international platforms.


The number of participants in this hackathon reached 1,319 participants, including 233 participants from the Middle East and North Africa, 1,041 participants from Asia, 22 participants from Europe, 16 participants from the United States of America, and 7 participants from African countries. The average age of the participants was 27 years. The age of the oldest participant is 57 years, while the youngest participant is 15 years old. The participants submitted 32 projects, including 12 projects in the field of blockchain, 15 projects in climate change, and 6 projects in digital security.


Commenting on this hackathon, H.E. Mohammad Al Zarooni, TDRA Deputy Director General for the Digital Government Sector, said: “The hackathon activities constitute an important point of contact between TDRA and the audience of creators and innovators interested in analyzing data and exploring creative solutions to current key issues. In this hackathon, we went global by attracting innovators from all over the world, relying on the great development of the telecommunications sector, to present their ideas that contribute to finding solutions to the most important global problems. We are extremely proud of the results, which will have a major role in achieving the sustainable development goals and enhancing the happiness of all.”


H.E. Al Zarooni added: “TDRA’s organization of the hackathon events and opening the door of participation to all members of society stems from its belief that the ideas of community members make a difference, and that they help achieve safety for all in the digital world, improve goods, healthcare, transportation and others. They will also contribute to mitigating climate change and building a sustainable environment.”


TDRA announced that it is currently evaluating the projects submitted in the hackathon to select the best three projects in each field. The winning projects will be announced during the United Nations Public Service Forum, scheduled to be hosted by the UAE from 13 to 15 December 2021.