More than 17 million people used the UAE’s national portal in 2021

More than 17 million people used the UAE’s national portal in 2021


The UAE – December 2021

The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) announced that more than 17 million users had visited the UAE’s national portal in 2021, achieving an increase of 45.7% in comparison with the previous year. Users had 27.7 million sessions and made 40.78 million pageviews on the portal.

Based on these numbers, the UAE’s national portal keeps its position as the main reference for information and services required by individuals and companies in the UAE. It reflects the increasing trust in the portal content and the efforts of the portal management team, who update content daily.

TDRA stated that most visited pages are those related to entry permits, visa validity, traveling to the UAE during the COVID-19 crisis, and Emirates ID.

On this occasion, H.E. Ahlam Al Feel, Director of TDRA’s Corporate Communication Department, commented: “The UAE’s national portal ( is an important pillar to enhance the digital lifestyle and represents the digital presence platform of the UAE. The UAE’s national portal is the first source of information for those who want to visit or invest in the UAE. TDRA pays exceptional attention to the development of the portal based on its role in enabling digital transformation at the national level. The portal will witness significant improvement in the coming period to be in alignment with global trends.

She added: “Numbers states that we are on the right way. I take this chance to extend thanks to all government entities for their support to update and develop the content of the portal. The success of the portal is a success of all of us as government entities to serve our national goals and our leadership’s vision of the UAE as an inspiring success story. The national portal plays an important role in transforming the UAE’s inspiring story to start a new chapter towards the next 50 years.

Most users of the portal are from the UAE, followed by India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the USA. Most age groups that used the portal are 25-34 years.

The portal management team updates the content as per preapproved plans using the latest technologies. The portal contains a huge amount of information and resources necessary for visitors.

The TDRA’s team updates information published on the portal regularly as soon as they are announced by official sources. The portal’s information is comprehensive and arranged in sectors to be easy for the user to move from one section to another and geed required information. The portal performance in search engines has been improved significantly. Topic titles and content are enriched with keywords mostly searched by users on the Internet. 

The portal consists of four main sections; they are information and services, about the UAE, eParticipation, and media. The information and services section addresses many topics such as employment, investment, tourism, infrastructure, and visa, as well as a complete list of all government services in the UAE. The second section covers the history of the UAE in various eras, in addition to plans and strategies for shaping the UAE’s future and achieving comprehensive development. This section also covers the UAE’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 set by the United Nations. In the eParticipation section, numerous channels of communication with the UAE government are available, including consultation and live chat platforms, etc.

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