The UAE TRA launches Cyber Blackmail Awareness Campaign


The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) today held a press conference to launch its new campaign aimed at promoting awareness on Cyber Blackmail in collaboration with “AL AMEEN” service launched by Dubai Police. Mr.  Ghaith Almazaina Acting Manager / security quality services – TRA and Mr. Saeed Al Hajiri the head of the electronic crime division of Dubai Police attended the event.

The campaign aimed at educating users in the UAE on the risks and consequences caused by careless internet use and raising awareness on being cautious while sharing data on the web, especially with the remarkable growth and development of the online space locally with the use of modern technologies. This advancement serves as an opportunity for unscrupulous users who take advantage of this growth to harm other people, violate their privacy and then use their personal data and pictures to obtain financial gain illegally.

"We have launched this campaign in collaboration with Dubai Police’s “Al Ameen Service” to educate people and raise awareness on the dangers of digital blackmail and we are prepared to support all national efforts and initiatives at the local and federal levels. The campaign will focus on students in secondary schools, public and private universities and their parents so they stay alert and protected from being victims to this kind of threats. The campaign will also include conducting surveys on Blackmail victims to figure out the circumstances and reasons behind this phenomenon to enable the concerned parties to develop an appropriate and well defined policy to control it and limit its effects,” said H.E. added.

His Excellency stressed in the speech he delivered at the conference on the pioneering role played by Dubai Police in this area as it was one of the first organizations to take the initiative and try to find solutions for Cyber blackmail attempts by launching “AL AMEEN” service ten years ago. This innovative service has contributed in rescuing dozens of community members from the dangers of blackmail in all its forms and types.

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