DG Speech


Cairo International Communication and Technology Conference


Ladies & Gentlemen

I am pleased and honored to represent along with my colleagues, the United Arab Emirates in this great international event that takes place on the good land of Egypt ...

Egypt, which rises today like a phoenix to confirm its presence and deserved regional and global position ...

Egypt opens its arms to the future, armed with digital knowledge and advanced technology ...

Egypt keeps pace with all new global trends, and does not hesitate to absorb and apply what benefits its local reality, based on a long historical legacy of leadership.

We came here with great eagerness, to share with our Egyptian brothers their joy in the successful launch of Cairo International Communication and Technology Conference “Cairo ICT”

We came here realizing that we are traveling to the future Egypt ... and you know the Emiratis passion for the future

The UAE, which foresaw the future by appointing the first Minister of Artificial Intelligence, launching a national strategy for artificial intelligence, and a comprehensive national program for the transition to the era of artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution including strategies and plans for blockchain, intelligent transportation, 3D printing, big data, the digital city, and other pillars of the future.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come to the future Egypt, and we found out that the older sister has become closer to the UAE ... or that the UAE has become closer to Egypt ... no difference, the important thing is that together we will shape our future, and contribute to shaping the future of the whole region.

I wish you all the success. 

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29/06/2022 11:11