TDRA Celebrates the Emirati Entrepreneurship Programme Graduates


The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has celebrated the Girls in ICT Day that falls in 23 April every year. Celebration included graduation of the Emirati Entrepreneurship Programme students, which aims at training of Emirati youth on entrepreneurship skills and emerging technologies.

The programme, financed by the ICT Fund, received a large number of Emirati female engineers, who are keen to build their entrepreneurship capacities and skills. They passed all programme stages, which include principles of entrepreneurship, market researches, product development, development of an economic concept, planning and performance measurement, understanding business tools, management of production process, launch and marketing of products, target customer survey, and production based on market demand.

On this occasion, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority said: "The Emirati woman has received unparalleled support from the wise leadership in various sectors. She proved that she deserves that support. Achievement of the Emirati woman is a clear evidence that she is an important player in all fields and that she has the capacity to hold senior positions. Emirati woman has the lion’s share of TDRA’s achievements since its establishment.

Al Mansoori added: “Emirati woman showed significant readiness to develop her capacities and skills in ICT sectors. This fact is clearly highlighted by the great participation of the Emirati young women in the Emirati Entrepreneurship Programme. They have unique capabilities to understand the market and create new initiatives and projects that contribute to economic development in the UAE.

During the last three months, a group of young Emirati female engineers participated in the Emirati Entrepreneurship Programme. The Programme included a number of sessions, and workshops that covered team building, market needs study and identifying future product. The Programme included meetings with global entrepreneurs and experts, who discussed economic issues with students.

About her participation in the Programme, engineer Maythaa Al Shuaihy said: “I’m grateful to have this chance to develop my innovation skills and transfer my ideas to real projects. We have conducted activities and received detailed training that enabled me and my team to develop projects using innovative methods and techniques.”

Engineer Noora Al Naqbi said: “The programme is a very useful interesting experience. It included inspiring leaders, who changed the way we think of entrepreneurship.”

Graduates obtained participation and membership certificates for one year in a global consulting house. They can attend consulting sessions and training course and get job opportunities.

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