1. Registering a domain name

.ae and امارات. (dotEmarat) domain names can be registered by one of our Accredited Registrars or their resellers.

Registrars have links clearly displayed on their website to the .aeDA’s Policy. Registrars ensure that the .aeDA’s policy is correctly applied at the time of registration and renewal.


How to register a domain name through a Registrar

1. Looking up a domain name

You can check the status of an existing domain name, and find out whether a name is available for registration, by using the Domain Availability Service.


2. Choose a Registrar

If the domain name is available, we will show you the list of Accredited Registrars who can register it for you.

Each Accredited Registrar provides a variety of services such as web hosting and email forwarding along with domain name registration. Registrants can choose a registrar based on prices and value added services that best suit them.


3. Register your domain name

The registration process is offered by most .aeDA Registrars through an online application form and depending on the type of domain name that you are requesting; the registration process may take minutes before your .ae domain name is registered and provisioned on the Domain Name System (DNS).


Pay special attention to two things when providing your details:

  • Make sure that your name or your organization’s name as the Registrant.

It's the Registrant that controls the domain name. Only the Registrant can transfer a domain name, cancel a domain name or make someone else the registrant.

  • Make sure you give the right e-mail address.

The e-mail address you provide and administrative contact must be the one you can be reached on, and it'll appear in the Whois. It's a good idea to use your own address as the technical contact's address; your Registrar may do that automatically.


4. Agree to the terms and conditions

Registrants that register their domain names are required to confirm their acceptance to all the .aeDA’s policies at the time of registration, and again at the time of renewal.


5. Check your details in the Whois

Check your details using Whois service to confirm registrations and your details.


6. Keep your details up to date

Always make sure that your contact details are up-to-date. For more information, see page Updating your registration.


7. Pricing and Service Offerings

The cost of .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names registrations and renewals varies.

The .aeDA is offering .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names to Registrars at a standard price; it is the decision of the Registrar what price they charge Registrants for their service.


2. Updating your registration

Registrars are your first point of contact. They provide customer service and advice for all Registrants, including complaints and dispute resolution process. Should the Registrar be unable to answer the Registrants questions in a timely manner, the issue may be escalated to the .aeDA.

Only the registrant is allowed to get a registration amended. That includes having the name transferred to another registrar or updating the contact details, thus, It is important to provide accurate registrant information and update it regularly.


Updating contact details:

If your contact details change, you need to contact your Registrar.

You can change the following:

  • Administrative, Technical and others contacts
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Name Servers


3. Changing your domain name's registrant

Transfers between Registrants of Unrestricted Domain Names need only provide the request for Transfer and no other information is required, provided the transferee meets all Eligibility Requirements.

Transfer of a Restricted Domain Name License will only be permitted where the proposed new Registrant meets the Eligibility Requirements, and make the Warranties in accordance with the relevant .aeDA Policy.

In all cases The Registrar must receive a written request for Transfer explaining the circumstances of the Transfer which is signed by the Registrant Contact.

The Registrar must obtain confirmation of the request for Transfer from both the Registrant contact and the proposed Registrant.

To get the registrant changed, you need to contact your Registrar.


Transferring your domain name to another Accredited Registrar:

Registrant have the choice to transfer his or her registered domain name to another .aeDA Accredited Registrar at any time during the domain valid registration period. The new Registrar will initiate the transfer upon receiving the auth-code from the Registrant.


Transfer procedure

1. Choose a new registrar

First, you need to select a new registrar. Refer to our registrar list.

2. Get the auth-code for your domain name

To get your domain name transferred, you need the auth-code for your domain name. To recover your .ae Domain auth-code click here.

3. Ask your new registrar to arrange the transfer

Next, you need to ask the new registrar to arrange for your domain name to be transferred. Your new registrar will need auth-code for your domain name.

4. Confirms the transfer

Your new registrar will arrange the transfer of your domain. Provided that the transfer request is in order, the domain name will be transferred within 3 working days from the request.


4. Cancelling your domain name

Cancelling a domain name means ending its registration. To cancel your domain name, you need to contact your registrar.

To cancel your domain name:

• Ask your registrar to cancel the name

Different registrars have different cancellation procedures. Your registrar will arrange the cancellation.

• By not renewing your domain registration

Your domain will be cancelled become available again for registration after the domain is expired and passed the grace period.


Undoing the cancellation of your domain name

If your domain name cancelled by mistake, or you change your mind, you can get your domain name back during the grace period of the domain (check domain lifecycle in The National Domain Name). During the grace period the domain can't be re-registered by anyone except you before it becomes available again for everyone.


For undoing a cancellation, contact your Registrar.

5. Common Mistakes to Avoid

Contact Information Accuracy

Not providing the right contact information could lead to losing your rights to the registered domain name. In Case of Businesses, this can happen for example due to the domain name being registered under employee details or the hosting company or the website developer details rather than the company name. Another common mistake is incorrect registrant email address. The auth-code recovery is dependent on the accuracy of this email address.


Cyber – Squatting

Although domain registration in .ae and .امارات has an open policy based on first-come first-serve, registering domain names which infringe the rights of others such as trademarks or other intellectual property rights may cause such domain names to be policy deleted.