Modify Registration of Telecom Supplier

About Service

This service involves modifying data of telecommunications equipment Dealers in the UAE

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Service Steps
  • 1 STEP 1

    Click on Start Service and then log in using your credential or create a new account

  • 2 STEP 2

    Submit the online request form and complete the payment

  • 3 STEP 3

    Review the application from TDRA

  • 4 STEP 4

    Get the service

Expected Time

One working day


The fees for amending the Dealers of telecommunications equipment certificate with regards to (the trade name and the company's address) is AED 100.


TDRA Website

Terms And Conditions

Valid Trade License with telecommunication activity

Rate the service

Required Documents

  • Valid Trade License with telecommunications activity
  • External and initial approvals

Payment Channels
  • E-Payment

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