Dispute Resolution with Service Providers

Service Description

A service available to consumers of telecommunication services in the UAE, aims to support them in settling any dispute that may arise between them and the telecom service providers licensed by TDRA in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the UAE.

Service Steps
  • 1 Step 1

    Submit a request through the available channels

  • 2 Step 2

    Provide the required documents

  • 3 Step 3

    TDRA will review the request with the service provider and take the appropriate decision according to the UAE applicable laws

  • 4 Step 4

    TDRA will send the response regarding the complaint to the customer and resolve the dispute

  • 5 Step 5

    Assessment of the customer's satisfaction with complaint resolution

Tutorial step by step

Expected Time

5-20 working days (If the complaint is classified as complex; it may need more working days)


Free of charge

SDGs Goal

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Target Audience

- Individuals 

- Business

- Government Entities

Service Channels

Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Call Center

Service Conditions

Initially, the customer (the applicant) must submit a complaint to the service provider, and if the customer is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he/she can apply for this service

Complication Level


Service Package


Service outcome

Dispute resolution between the customer and telecom service providers

Service Remark

Please note that this service is related to complaints against telecom service providers and not TDRA. Another service for complaints about TDRA is available.

Service Limitation


Linkage to Other Services


Required Documents

  • Emirates ID
  • Trade license (for business) 
  • Supportive documents (if available)

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