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TDRA provides the customers with the ability to complain against any of its services. A complaint is a statement submitted to TDRA by an external party, expressing their dissatisfaction with procedures or transactions they experience during applying to a service, or the method of service provision.


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Service Steps
  • 1 Step 1

    Log in using UAEPass (for digital channels)

  • 2 Step 2

    Fill-in the required information and attach the supportive document (if available)

  • 3 Step 3

    TDRA will study the complaint

  • 4 Step 4

    The customer will receive TDRA response, and will be asked to submit his/her satisfaction level with the resolution

Expected Time

One working day


Free of charge


Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Call Center

Customer Happiness Center Abu Dhabi

Customer Happiness Center Dubai

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Required Documents

Supportive documents (if available)

Payment Channels

Not available

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