Secure Internet

Service Description

FEDnet provides Secure Internet Connectivity to Federal Government entities through a dual Internet Service Provider (ISP) Solution allowing for high throughput and redundancy.

The Internet Service provides a consolidation of internet connections across Federal Entities. This reduces the perimeter against intruder attacks by limiting the public vulnerability point to just one Internet Gateway, as the FEDnet is the main internet service provider to the federal entities, which leads to 99.99% service availability throughout the year, and saves the entities the service costs.

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Service Steps
  • 1 Step 1

    In case it is a new request, it should be through an official communication with TDRA DG.

  • 2 Step 2

    In case it is an add-on service, it can be sent to FEDnet service desk through the available communication channels.

Expected Time



The fee is decided based on service size & management decision.

Target Audience

Federal Government Entities

Service Channels

Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Service Conditions

Federal Government Entity 

Required Documents

  • New request: official letter to TDRA DG.
  • Add-on service: contact FEDnet service desk.
  • Required information will be gathered after the approval is obtained.

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