Renew License of Certification Service Provider

Service Description

This service aims at renewing License of certification service provider

Service Steps
Expected Time

14 working days


  • Renewal application: AED 5000
  • CSP License valid for one year: AED 20,000
  • CSP License valid for Five year: AED 75,000

Target Audience


Service Channels

Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Service Conditions
Complication Level


Service Package


Service outcome

Renewed license of certification service provider

Service Remark


Service Limitation

The service is intended for entities and companies that provide electronic certification services only

Linkage to Other Services

License of certification service provider

Required Documents

·         Articles of Incorporation, the Statute or equivalent approved documents in the UAE

·         Statement of Business activities of the Certification Service Provider (including any activities not related to the Certification Service Provider, if available)

·         Structure chart of the company's ownership

·         Statement of financial resources and audited financial statements for the previous two fiscal years.

·         Proof of adequate insurance coverage for the operations and activities of Certification Service Provider

·         Declaration of adequacy of entrusted persons

·         External audit report (please provide 5 copies)

·         Certification practice statement

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