Internet of Things Services Registration

Service Description

A service that allows government entities and companies to obtain approval certificate to conduct Internet of Things services

Helpful Documents:

send email to

Service Steps
  • 1 Step 1

    Log in using UAE Pass

  • 2 Step 2

    Fill-in the application form

  • 3 Step 3

    Attach the required documents

  • 4 Step 4

    The service is evaluated internally by TDRA and is classified either as mission critical or non-mission critical service

  • 5 Step 5

    If the service is classified as a non-mission critical service, it is evaluated internally

Expected Time

35 working days starting from the submission of IoT service registration form


Free of charge

Service Channels

Mobile Application

TDRA Website

Service Conditions
A product registration certificate (type approval) must be provided.
Complication Level


Service Package


Service outcome

TDRA's IoT services approval certificate

Service Remark


Service Limitation

If the service is classified as a mission critical service, it will be directed to external IoT National Committee to evaluate, raise recommendations and submit it back to TDRA, if approved, the IoT service registration certificate is issued to the service provider.

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Required Documents

Copy of the type approval certificate (if related to a device) 

Payment Channels

Not available

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