Public Consultation for Measuring Effectiveness of UAE Digital Government in the Delivery of Public Services


The Digital Government specializes in providing public services to the public through various digital platforms and transitioning from the stage of paper-based applications and documents to the era of digital signatures and digital documents. With this in mind, the Digital Government aims to assess the effectiveness of delivering public services from the perspective of Emirati society.

Therefore, the Digital Government launched a survey made up of 48 questions in 2 main sections. The first section includes 7 close-ended and short answer questions. The second section includes 41 questions, almost all of which are Likert scale questions.


The first section of the survey aims to gather sociodemographic data about the participants. The aim is to help the researchers categorize the participants into sub-groups, determine whether the sample is representative, and try to find the impact of the background characteristics on the participants' answers and points of view with respect to the future of the UAE.

The second section of the survey aims to gather the views and perceptions of the UAE Hackathon community about the Digital Government (DG) in the UAE and its public value, their current experiences with DG, their confidence and trust in using DG, and what suggestions they have to enhance the user experience on DG.

Share your thoughts

Based on your previous experiences in getting government services through digital platforms, please share your ideas and assessment. We will use your feedback to improve these services and enhance the user experience in the future.

Expected decisions

After collecting ideas and assessments from participants, we will work on developing digital government services to provide customers with the best experience.


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