A consultation on protection of users against new ways of online fraud


New ways of online fraud have appeared recently. Fraudsters use Google ads on Google search result pages or ads on social media channels to promote fake brands. The fraudulent ads take user to fake websites with the same appearance and specifications of the original ones. Many victims were trapped into such type of fraud, and their money were stolen by purchasing inexistent products.

Based on its responsibility to protect users against online fraud, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority launches campaigns to raise awareness of such fraudulent activities, and protect users from being trapped.

Share your thoughts

As per your previous experiences, share your ideas to raise awareness and enhance protection against online fraud and how we can protect users from being trapped online. Share online fraud stories you experienced or heard about to raise awareness about them.

Expected decisions

We will study your ideas and suggestions carefully. Accordingly, we will launch awareness campaigns to enhance protection against online fraud. We will share instructions to avoid types of online fraud in stories you will report.


Launching awareness campaigns about electronic extortion on the TRA's website

Launching campaigns periodically on social media accounts



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