A consultation to engage government entities in development of the national portal (u.ae)


Being responsible for enhancement of the digital transformation of government services in line with the UAE national orientation, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority manages and develops the National Portal of the UAE (u.ae) according to the requirements of the UN eGovernment survey. The TRA seeks to enhance the portal performance, improve content and meet the user needs to get services easily. Therefore, the it decided to engage the government entities to provide their ideas and suggestions to develop the portal content.

In 2020 the portal achieved good performance regarding users. There were about 20 million sessions and 12 million users on the portal last year. This is the result of our cooperation with you as partners in developing the portal, the E-presence platform of the UAE government.

This year, we depend on our collaboration with you to enhance the portal content and performance to meet expectations.

Accordingly, we aim by this consultation to revise the whole portal content to add new content, updates or corrections.

We emphasise that were are all partners in success we achieve or going to achieve. Hence, we want to present to you the KPIs we are working on to develop the portal. It is our pleasure to receive your comments on these KPIs. We furtherer emphasise that we are ready to discuss any new KPI to achieve the portal objectives.

Key Performance indicators (KPIs)

1.      User happiness about the portal (80%)

2.      Increase of the portal users (20 million)

3.      Improvement of content quality and reducing bounce rate (70%)

First, each entity can revise the related content on the portal and provide their comments on all aspects of the portal, including functioning, components, designs, etc.

You are more than welcome to invite your customers to visit the portal (u.ae) and provide their feedback. We promise to revise and analyse your feedback and put them into action for improvement.


The purpose of this consultation is to make general improvements to the content of the national portal (u.ae) and increase its efficiency to meet user expectations and rise its ranking in global indices.

Target group

Content editors and officers in government entities


The TRA will implement the ideas and suggestions of the government entities to enhance the performance and content of the national portal to be the first destination for users within the UAE and abroad.

Share your thoughts

Please share your thoughts on how we could achieve our common objective. We will study your suggestions and apply them to meet your expectations.


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