Election of aeCERT for the membership of OIC-CERT


For the second consecutive term

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has re-elected the TRA’s Computer Emergency Response Team (aeCERT) as a member of the organization’s computer emergency response team (OIC-CERT). aeCERT will be responsible for cybersecurity awareness by sharing its expertise through cybersecurity awareness campaigns in the Muslim countries.

The re-election of aeCERT confirms the prominent role it played during the past year in promoting cybersecurity awareness among member countries, through its active participation in all the OIC conferences related to the subject.

In this context, Eng. Mohammed Gheyath, Executive Director of Information Security Regulatory Affairs in TRA, said: “aeCERT worked on spreading awareness about cybersecurity and risks that the internet users in the Muslim world are exposed to, based on their long experience and using latest methods and means of combating cybercrime. The team great efforts in this field won the praise and approval of the OIC members, which motivated them to re-elect the team for a second term as a member of the OIC-CERT”.

Eng. Mohammed Gheyath confirmed that aeCERT has launched several initiatives to raise awareness about cybersecurity. He added: “aeCERT is keen to activate all initiatives that would raise awareness about cybersecurity importance among difference segments of society. UAE Cybersecurity Ambassadors initiative launched recently by TRA is one of its most important cybersecurity initiatives. The initiative aims to train top students in UAE schools to represent the team as ambassadors in promoting and spreading cybersecurity awareness across the UAE. The initiative focuses on three elements; the first is to provide training to build e-safety culture for selected students aged 14-18, in selected UAE schools. The second is to improve presentation skills, and the third is to raise awareness of best security practices among the public. The team assured to transfer its experience on this initiative and disseminate it in Muslim countries in order to build an e-safety culture.” 

aeCERT has been established to improve information security standards and practices, protect and support UAE ICT infrastructure from online risks and breaches, and build secure and protected ICT culture.

The team aims to strengthen the UAE law on combating cybercrimes, assist in the development of new legislation, raise awareness about information security on national level, build national expertise in information security, emergency management, and computer evidence analysis. 

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