Provide Incidents Remediation and Recovery

Provide support and advice during remediation and recovery from security incidents.

Note: aeCERT follows ISO 27035 standard for Incident Management.

Provide Specialized Security Advice

Offer recommendations with respect to the provision of specialized security advice in the field of monitoring and responding to information security incidents

Disseminate Preliminary Alerts and Advisories

Provide proactive services in the form of preliminary alerts and advisories to constituents to improve their infrastructure and related security processes before any incident or event occurs

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring & Intelligence Gathering

Develop actionable intelligence from the analysis threat, incident and vulnerability data. This information, as well as announcements, guidelines, or recommendations that pertain to longer term security issues

Act as a Central Coordination Contact During Attacks

Act as a central point to disseminate information and advice to all affected entities during high profile targeted cyber attacks against the critical national infrastructure

Provide Digital Forensic Analysis Services

Forensics service includes digital forensics investigations (computer forensics and mobile device forensics), data recovery and data wiping

Provide Website Defacement Monitoring

Crawling constituent websites and alert them in case of a defacement or failure in reachability is detected

Coordinate with National and International Authorities & CERTs

Coordinate all communications with national and international authorities and CERTs during Incident Response

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