.ae and "امارات." (dotEmarat) domain names can be registered by one of our Accredited Registrars or their resellers.

Registrars have links clearly displayed on their website to the .aeDA’s Policy. Registrars ensure that the .aeDA’s policy is correctly applied at the time of registration and renewal.


How to register a domain name through a Registrar

1. Looking up a domain name

You can check the status of an existing domain name, and find out whether a name is available for registration, by using the Domain Availability Service.


2. Choose a Registrar

If the domain name is available, we will show you the list of Accredited Registrars who can register it for you.

Each Accredited Registrar provides a variety of services such as web hosting and email forwarding along with domain name registration. Registrants can choose a registrar based on prices and value added services that best suit them.


3. Register your domain name

The registration process is offered by most .aeDA Registrars through an online application form and depending on the type of domain name that you are requesting; the registration process may take minutes before your .ae domain name is registered and provisioned on the Domain Name System (DNS).


Pay special attention to two things when providing your details:

  • Make sure that your name or your organization’s name as the Registrant.

It's the Registrant that controls the domain name. Only the Registrant can transfer a domain name, cancel a domain name or make someone else the registrant.

  • Make sure you give the right e-mail address.

The e-mail address you provide and administrative contact must be the one you can be reached on, and it'll appear in the Whois. It's a good idea to use your own address as the technical contact's address; your Registrar may do that automatically.


4. Agree to the terms and conditions

Registrants that register their domain names are required to confirm their acceptance to all the .aeDA’s policies at the time of registration, and again at the time of renewal.


5. Check your details in the Whois

Check your details using Whois service to confirm registrations and your details.


6. Keep your details up to date

Always make sure that your contact details are up-to-date. For more information, see page Updating your registration.


7. Pricing and Service Offerings

The cost of .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names registrations and renewals varies.

The .aeDA is offering .ae and ".امارات" (dotEmarat) domain names to Registrars at a standard price; it is the decision of the Registrar what price they charge Registrants for their service.

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