.Emarat (امارات.)

Realising the need and importance for Arabic language domain names, the Telecommunication and Digital Government Regulatory Authority launched the Arabic domain name ".امارات" (dotEmarat) to enable Arabic speakers to make the most out of the Internet and its various channels.

Benefits and opportunities of .Emarat

We have heard a lot about the benefits of e-commerce and e-government. Such benefits, however, cannot be realised unless we address the Arabic communities in Arabic, via Arabic domains they can easily reach.

There are many benefits of registering domain names in Arabic, including:

  • Easier facilitation of the data transfer and communication of Arabic information around the world
  • Memorable domain names will be available which will help to avoid any spelling or translation errors
  • Search results will improve considerably through more efficient Arabic search engines
  • The number of Arab Internet users will increase worldwide to include those who do not use Latin text

As a company, you will benefit from:

  • Protecting your trademark
  • Facilitating communication with your Arabic customers
  • Facilitating improved Arabic advertising via the Internet
  • Making your web address easier for users to remember and to spell correctly
  • Preserving the equity of your company’s Arabic name as it is used locally and regionally
  • Unique and widely available Arabic domain names for your company
  • Reaching a wider percentage of the Arabic public
  • Increased market share and collaboration in the growth of commercial activity

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