Transfers between Registrants of Unrestricted Domain Names need only provide the request for Transfer and no other information is required, provided the transferee meets all Eligibility Requirements.

Transfer of a Restricted Domain Name License will only be permitted where the proposed new Registrant meets the Eligibility Requirements, and make the Warranties in accordance with the relevant .aeDA Policy.

In all cases The Registrar must receive a written request for Transfer explaining the circumstances of the Transfer which is signed by the Registrant Contact.

The Registrar must obtain confirmation of the request for Transfer from both the Registrant contact and the proposed Registrant.

To get the registrant changed, you need to contact your Registrar.


Transferring your domain name to another Accredited Registrar:

Registrant have the choice to transfer his or her registered domain name to another .aeDA Accredited Registrar at any time during the domain valid registration period. The new Registrar will initiate the transfer upon receiving the auth-code from the Registrant.


Transfer procedure

1. Choose a new registrar

First, you need to select a new registrar. Refer to our registrar list.

2. Get the auth-code for your domain name

To get your domain name transferred, you need the auth-code for your domain name. To recover your .ae Domain auth-code click here.

3. Ask your new registrar to arrange the transfer

Next, you need to ask the new registrar to arrange for your domain name to be transferred. Your new registrar will need auth-code for your domain name.

4. Confirms the transfer

Your new registrar will arrange the transfer of your domain. Provided that the transfer request is in order, the domain name will be transferred within 3 working days from the request.

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