National Cybersecurity Strategy

Our Vision for National Cybersecurity Strategy, To create a safe and resilient cyber infrastructure in the UAE that enables citizens to fulfil their aspirations and empowers businesses to thrive

Our Aspirations

Provide confidence to citizens to securely participate in the digital world
Build a world-class cybersecurity workforce in the UAE
Celebrate contributions to innovation in cybersecurity
Enable SMEs to safeguard themselves against most common cyber attacks
Foster a culture of entrepreneurship in cybersecurity
Protect critical information infrastructure assets of the country

Strategy Pillars

To achieve these aspirations, we will mobilize the whole ecosystem to deliver ~60 initiatives across 5 pillars

Cybersecurity laws & Regulations

  • Address all types of cybercrimes
  • Secure existing and emerging technologies
  • Support protection of SMEs

Vibrant Cybersecurity ecosystem

  • Support startups and promote R&D in cybersecurity
  • Develop cybersecurity capabilities
  • Drive citizen cybersecurity awareness
  • Encourage excellence in cybersecurity

National Incident Response plan

  • Single point of contact for victims of cyber incidents
  • Standardized severity assessment and agency mobilization plan
  • Cross-agency information sharing

CIIP program

  • Identify critical assets in the UAE
  • Establish world-class risk management standards
  • Create robust processes for reporting, compliance and response


  • National Committees
  • Local Partnerships
  • Global Partnerships

National Cybersecurity Strategy

To read the full details of the national cybersecurity strategy, please download the full PDF file below


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